“It’s over for me now…!!”

It’s over for me now…
The time has passed away…
My heart is safe now without any pain…
The sun is rising again…
Hope is filling in…
Yeah..!! Did some pretty dumb things…
But it’s over for me now…

No more silly choices…
Must be careful now…
This world is pretty ruthless…
Don’t let your guard down…
But my friends with me, they are here…
Saving me from what I fear…

It’s over for me now…
The time has passed away…
My heart is safe now without any pain…
The sun is rising again…
Hope is filling in…
Yeah..!! Did some pretty dumb things…
But it’s over for me now…

Now I am being bolder, now I am strong…
But my heart knows it’s all wrong…
The truth within me lies hidden, in this act of pretending…
But I have to do this, no more running…
Have to face my demons, have to face my fears…
Just to see the world, and to see who cares…

It’s over for me now…
The time has passed away…
My heart is safe now without any pain…
The sun is rising again…
Hope is filling in…
Yeah..!! Did some pretty dumb things…
But it’s over for me now…


Rachna Rajan Cultcom Member M.B.A. (FT) 2013-15 batch

Rachna Rajan
Cultcom Member
M.B.A. (FT) 2013-15 batch

Present cultural committee member, I am extrovert and tom-boy kind of a girl. I love to travel places and meet new people yet keeping my loved ones close. My hobbies are dancing, reading, painting, writing and watching movies…!!





“Milap 2014 – A perfect fusion of Dance, Drama and DJ”

“Coming together is a beginning,
Keeping together is a progress,

Working together is a success,
& that’s what the world call as a Team.

But, nurturing this togetherness for a lifetime,
Is what we, the BKites believe…!”

So, every year to celebrate this spirit of cohesiveness and harmony, we the BKites organize our special event called “Milap”, wherein the current students from various programs of B.K School Of Business Management, namely Full Time MBA, Port Management as well as Part Time Evening Program joins their hands together to make it a rendezvous to be cherished for a lifetime.

Prabhav,  reciting his Poem on "MILAP"

Prabhav, reciting his Poem on “MILAP”

As the name suggests it works as a perfect ice-breaker to shun our shyness and to interlace our emotional being into an ever flourishing pool of a BKites family. “Milap” is usually organized in the month of January, just after the completion of our end-semester exams. It works as a magical pill to revitalize our souls and lays down a platform to express one’s extra-ordinary talent.

The hazy light, the chilly breeze and the frosty eve had set a flawless environment for this imminent event to begin. “If I cannot fly, let me sing “– on this same note our event was opened by Prabhav Majumdar’s- “Poem Recitation” that very aptly lead to a proper start of “Milap”.

Our Present Director, Dr. Prateek Kanchan and our Former Director, Dr. Sarla Achuthan

Our Present Director, Dr. Prateek Kanchan and our Former Director, Dr. Sarla Achuthan

The event was graced by the presence of our former director Dr. Sarla Achuthan, the present director Dr. Prateek Kanchan and our faculty members.

Juniors singing " Yaroon Dosti Badi hi haseen he...!!"

Juniors singing ” Yaroon Dosti Badi hi haseen he…!!”

Now, it was time for the audience to stop murmuring and to start singing. Nirav Kotak & Varsha Gurnani entertained the audience with their romantic song “ Keh Doon Tumhe Ya Chup Rahun”. Then “Nirav Baghatharia” sang the melodious song in its own musical way.  While the party song “Deewangi Deewangi” enthralled the audience to dance , the Juniors Group Singing also instantly connected with the audience with their “Yaaron, dosti badi hi haseen hai…“ , to value these days of college and friendship.

The smart juniors didn’t left even the controversial social figures to amuse the audience by hitting the sarcasm. “Sachin & group” relished laughter among the crowd with their “Skit” on Aaloknath. It was a hilarious, stomach-aching performance.

Seniors performing " Ramji Ki Chal Dekho..."

Seniors performing ” Ramji Ki Chal Dekho…”

The dance performances by the juniors and the seniors awakened the true dancers with in the audience and set the mood of real party-time. The people were compelled to shake their legs with the dance performance of the “Our Seniors boys “on the Bollywood medley.

Juniors and Seniors moving in Sync

Juniors and Seniors moving in Sync

Shy Girl, Bhavisha, Posing for "Kai Ghatte Nai" Style

Shy Girl, Bhavisha, Posing for “Kai Ghatte Nai” Style

Milap- 2014, also unveiled a new tradition of B.K., by introducing “The Nariyal Awards” to complement the “Our Antique B.K Ratnas.”, like Bhukkhad award, Crying Baby award, Shy Girl award, Drama Queen award, Devilish laughter award and so on. Lastly, we students were addressed by our former Director Dr. Sarla Achuthan and Prof. J.M Bhatt, who acclaimed the students for their efforts and perseverance.

Then came the much awaited moment of the eve, it’s the DJ time, “Char baj gaye lekin party abhi baaki he…”  The most interesting part of the DJ party was our disco dance to the tunes of the garba song.

The "Lords of Last Benches" enjoying performances in their own way

The “Lords of Last Benches” enjoying performances in their own way

“Picture is worth a thousand words”– with the same note students started posing with their dear one’s to lock these golden moments into their transient memory for a life-time. Later, everyone exhausted yet contented with the happiness went ahead for the dinner.

Seniors trying to capture these golden moments

Seniors trying to capture these golden moments

Milap- 2014 very successfully had brought within its purview, a mood of flawless festivities & exciting enjoyments and had turned out to be a magnanimous gala event.  It showcased a perfect synchronization of fun, frolic & talent.

Contributed By:

Nimmy Mathew Alum Com Member M.B.A. (FT) 2013-15

Nimmy Mathew
Alum Com Member
M.B.A. (FT) 2013-15

Nimmy, a member of the Alum Committee of B.K. School of Business Management,  is a simple and fun-loving person. Her hobbies include watching movies, listening music and playing badminton.

La Fiesta de Freshers: Fresher’s Party of M.B.A. (FT) 2013-15 batch

“Enthralling beats and the tapping feet
Mesmerizing eyes and the exhilarating smile,
Exotic moves and the melodious voices
Delicious meal and the revitalizing drinks,
Wafting soul in the aromatic hall…
Whispers my heart, don’t windup this party at night…!!!”

Truly said that, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” But who wants to be dull in this dynamic world? Sparing some time for entertaining one’s own self is all needed to keep one going in this busy life. Again, music and dance has proved to be the best miraculous pills since ages to refresh the mind, body and soul. It drags you to the incessant world of fun and amusement, rejuvenating the lost enthusiasm and gifting the unfading memories. And what better way can there be, than throwing a party to welcome the freshers and to present them this incredible treasure to cherish it for life-time?

Tirth, addressing the juniors

BKites in the Disc

Yeah I am talking about the beautiful faces, funny deeds, and thrilling atmosphere whose mere memories takes my breath away. So, let’s have some flash backs and once again go back to the world of spent moments @ “Fire and Flames”, one of the finest disc in the city…  The party started with an elegant, short speech by the esteemed director of B.K.S.B.M., Dr.Sarla mam. Her presence and motivating words were like an icing on the cake to the party. Then after, I took the charge and set the stage on fire.


Tirth, Addressing the Juniors

The atmosphere was awesome in the disc.  Everybody’s face had sparkle of enthusiasm and fervor to tread on the new path with a new college and new seniors. Their presence revealed not just their want to live but their want to feel the college life. Finally, the great awaited eve began. The nominees for Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher were announced. They all were called upon the stage with their special nick names assigned by the seniors and were asked to perform some hilarious task, matching to one’s persona.  Some of the names were really funky like Kabul express, Miss Comfortable,…And to talk about the tasks, everybody had sportingly participated and performed. But the best among all was Punjabi guy’s Garba and non-stop speech by Shruti.

Juniors on the Ramp

Juniors on the Ramp

Now, it was time for them to get familiar with the BKite’s lifestyle. A short video clip made by Pratin Rathod depicting the “Life @ B.K.” was shown. It had some of the funniest, nostalgic and weird moments, we as freshers had enjoyed at B.K. After this short break, the nominees were coupled in pair of two and were asked to walk on the ramp. The style and attitude quotient was thus judged. The winners were then decided based on our most popular system, “The Democratic Style”, the one who gets the maximum votes from the audience. Competition ended with Mehboob and Shruti , winning the title…

Shruti (Miss Fresher)and Mehboob (Mr.Fresher)...:)

Shruti (Miss Fresher) and Mehboob (Mr.Fresher)

After this hoollahhoo, it was the time to get on the floor. Everyone shook their head and put their hands in the air dancing to the beats of the DJ. The floor was hot with vigor sand enthusiasm. Some great moves were like a treat to the eyes. The mock tails and starter served the purpose of energizing the body. It was ecstasy. At last, dinner was served.

Tirth and Kush rocking the floor

Tirth and Kush rocking the floor

Ultimately, what the party accomplished for us was forming a homogeneous environment which earlier consisted of myriad culture, thus breaking the finite boundaries between the seniors and the juniors, forming the one culture, the B.K. Culture…

Contributed by:

Tirth Anand, cultcom member M.B.A. FT 2012-14 batch

Tirth Anand,
cultcom member
M.B.A. FT 2012-14 batch

A member of the Cultural Committee, he is a fun-loving, cheerfully introvert yet extrovert person and a passionate biker. He loves volleyball, video games, movies, reading novels, sketching and travelling.

Status updated: Finally a Senior…!!! “Orientation session of M.B.A. FT 2013-15 batch”

         Be it a school, college or work- place, only the idea of being a senior is enticing. End-less thoughts keeps on spinning in the mind unless the mystery is resolved. “How will be the juniors?” “When will they come?”?” “What are the duties of being a senior?” “What should be done to solve their queries?”  And on the other side, coming from different colleges, background, places and cultures, the apprehension of adjusting to the new world keeps on drilling in the mind of new comers. Orientation session arranged by us was one such medium to familiarize with each other and to answer those infinite questions.


         With thousands of questions in the mind coupled with excitement of the first day at college, came our juniors for their orientation session, finally transforming us into official seniors… For us, it was more of nostalgia feelings making us recollecting the good old memories when we arrived for the first time in BK, thus giving us a realization that we have this one last year of a college life…


Sarla mam addressing the new batch

Talking about the orientation session, it was initiated by our esteemed faculty members introducing themselves and rendering some facts about the functioning of the college. Students were also asked to introduce themselves as to what educational background they belonged to and their expectation from this MBA course, i.e. the main objective of electing this course. After the formal introduction about the college and faculty came to an end, we “the seniors” (feels amazing to become one…) took over the session.


Seniors briefing about the various committees

A short presentation on various committees functioning in BK was undertaken. After its completion, one message was quite clear to them that whatever work is done by a BKite is “for the student, of the student and by the student”.


Juniors, in search of their partners

After this came the much awaited and fun session. Normally, we all have a tendency to remain in our comfort zone in any new arrangement, Similar was the case here and thus, to make them interact with each other and open up, an interesting game was arranged by us wherein they were required to find their partners and interact with them.

Thus with this, the much awaited day came to an end. On behalf of all, I wish them all the best and advice them to make the most of the time spent at BK because these days are sure not to come back again.

contributed By:                      


Amita Agrawal
M.B.A. (FT) 2012-14

Amita, member of Placement Committee @ B.K. school, is straight forward, extrovert and a happy-go –lucky person. She is interested in reading novels, listening music and playing out-door games.

Populism vs. Democracy

I have always been intrigued by the dynamics that govern the working of a nation. And when it comes to a country like India that has been an epitome of amalgamating cultures, thoughts and influences, the science becomes even more compelling. I call it ‘Science’ because on the face of it, it boasts to be backed by rationality, logic and evidence. But had every science been so simple, every entity in this vast universe would have been in sync illustrated by perfect order, harmony and acceptance. Certainly not the case that exists! Here rationalities are superimposed by emotional instincts, and logic is latently oriented towards personal goals and political wills.

A parallel story runs for the Indian Republic.

Populism, as a political doctrine is defined as support and concern for the rights of the common people; democracy is a political system in which the people rule. So, the ideal school of thought must think of populism and democracy going cheerfully and romantically hands-in-hands, right? Unfortunately, we could just wish! The reality poses a stark distinction far from idealistic fantasy. Pragmatically, they compete in their race for supremacy. The inconspicuous battle between the two is raising some serious questions in India and across the world.

In India, populism has always enjoyed an upper hand over democracy, economics and morality. The recent urgency by the government to pass a new ‘Sexual Assault Law’ is a flashy testimony to that. It has been a hot topic of debate and much has been fancifully pitched about it. And why not! After all the government is taking concerted measures to safeguard its citizens. But I guess too much of hasty window dressing has been done to make it a populist endeavor to the Indian eye.  They call it a law on sexual assault. But I call it missing the stars in their search for the moon. I must add some flesh and form to my ideas now. The language used in the latest ordinance is too lose and ambiguous. There are many terms and provisions in the law which clearly suggest that it has been prepared hastily and it lacks proper and in-depth thinking and application of mind. Aren’t we creating a mockery of ourselves by passing a sexual assault law in which the definition of ‘rape’ itself is evidently unclear? Isn’t there a possibility that something that has been incarnated to protect, be exploited for ruthlessness? Doesn’t this impinge some serious questions on our judicial efficacy? Unfortunately, it certainly does!

Had they been aptly addressed, these questions are too heavy and demanding to the comfort of the Indian lawmakers. But when things are done in the name of populism, these loopholes are superficially capped. For us, the real concern is that they still remain hollow and weak within. This is just another example of the government satisfying the juntas’ demand to gain popularity and support. I must make my stance fairly clear. I am in total agreement that once the law is passed, it would be more effective than the existing law. But the bone of contention still is: However strict the law may be, will it actually deliver? I would surely stand in denial. It would be impossible to put in effective implementation of such a law without administrative, judicial and police reforms. Our wait for such reformist measures has been too long to endure. They have been stalled for decades and we shall still hold failing hopes. The reason is that we have politicians who diligently restrict such measures to retain their hold on national governing bodies. The end result is a battery of futile national efforts to pass laws that aren’t muscled by reforms.

Another crucial question that I feel lingering on the lawmakers is: Do we have efficient machineries to deliver speedy justice? The 95000+ rape cases pending in the 1200 privileged fast-track courts of  India answer a disgraceful story to the above question.  Government rather than hurrying over this law should pass other administrative reforms that ensure quick and unbiased justice. To protect the women of this country, the law against sexual assault must be made more effective but what’s the meaning of any such law unless it can’t give justice.

The story has to go on!  It is not just the country’s social and legal interests that have been bitten by the vice of disguised populism. The economic interests of the nation also fall prey to such a beautiful beast.  The resignation of the Indian railway minister, Mr. Dinesh Trivedi, on the day he presented the Railway budget in 2012 was a pity event in Indian politics. Is it such a heinous crime to raise the railway fares marginally even when you know of the financial bog the Indian Railways was trapped into? If not anyone else, at least Ms. Mamta Banerjee thought on the same lines. And all we could do was to sympathize with Mr. Dinesh Trivedi who was forced to resign by his very own Trinamool Congress party leader Ms. Mamta Banarjee. The fare hike was rolled back. It does not need a degree in psychology to understand that it was all done to gain political advantage and support of the BPL people.  According to many experts, the budget was actually a reformist budget. But these opinions could just soothe the national wound and could not heal it. This is not the only instance where the economic interests of the nation conflicted with populism. The deregulation of steel industry in 1980’s, economic liberalization in 1991, FDI in retail etc. speak volumes of the conflict.

Castles are built because we somehow want them to be built! And once it is built we hardly care who lives in it! All we care about is that “they are built” because they make the world an interesting and beautiful place to live in.  I can draw an analogy here. Populism thrives because we somehow want it to thrive. And when things come in the name of populism who cares of the ultimate beneficiary. All we care about is that “there is a so-called concern for the rights of the common people” because we like to be cared of no matter which way it comes. The analogy is supported by the fact that we (The people) always tend to think emotionally rather than rationally. We take decisions based on feelings and affection rather than hard realities.

I have one such memory of a Salman Khan show named ‘Dus ka Dum’ in which Sanjay Dutt had come as a celebrity-contestant. The episode started off with cheers and applause and was meticulously driven by Salman Khan boasting about Mr.Dutt’s  generosity towards his friends .The audience as mesmerized by the charisma of the two superstars and even more emotionally engrossed in the eulogy. In the midst of all this drama, Sanjay Dutt shared  his experiences of jail when he was imprisoned due to his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case. Suddenly there was an uproar and Salman threw a rhetoric statement to the audience-  ‘Do you believe that a person like Mr. Sanjay Dutt can help murderers?’  And the people drowned in emotions declared their judgment by shouting  ‘ No…. No…No’. Once again, the facts were sidelined and realities took a backseat when it came to making a judgement. All this was witnessed just because we like these superstars unconditionally, and we have an emotional connect to them that blinds us of all rationality. This judgmental flaw of ours can easily be extrapolated to the national scene.

I reiterate my opinion that Populism is not a vice when it comes in its natural form-naked and pure . But the more you try to decorate it with personal interests, the more it distorts and harms.  Populism should propel the government  to act in ways that  benefit the country in future. The democratic setup must ensure that all its three pillars i.e. government, judiciary and legislature hear peoples’ demand and act for their well being. But these demands should not be fulfilled by going beyond any of these pillars. Laws and its provisions should be made after considering its vitality, applicability and human rights. The common economic well-being should be prioritized over catering unjust demands of a particular group of people.

Time has come for us to ask ourselves a similar question that late Mr. John F. Kennedy famously asked to Americans but in a different way “Ask not what your country thinks for you, ask what you can think for your country.”

*I sincerely want to thank Jagdish Devjani (MBA-FT-2011-13) for his help in narration of the article.

Authored by:

Nilang Patel MBA (FT) 2011-13

Nilang Patel
MBA (FT) 2011-13

Member of the Placement Committee, Nilang’s interest include economics, politics, sports, swimming and playing guitar.

Writing it down

Have you ever had an idea that you knew was good, but forgot about it later in the day? Or an email you wanted to send, or a call you wanted to make and it just slipped out of your mind? It’s happened to me, and I’m willing to bet it’s happened to you too. But, as they say, difficult problems have simpler solutions to them. And this one is no exception. What we can do is to just write things down!

Writing it down!

Writing it down!

There are a couple of things that writing your ideas down allows (or rather forces) you to do. First of all, it can get a persistent thought out of our head without destroying it entirely. Writing the thoughts down, helps collect them into a cohesive whole. Doing this, I find, frees up mental real estate for more ideas. There is an old Chinese saying, which says that ‘to learn more, first empty your cup.’ Similarly for a new idea to manifest the old one has to be removed from the mind. Too much of a cluttered mind, only entangles the ideas together, leaving no space for comprehending any of them at the end!

The second reason to write ideas down is, that doing so forces us to articulate them. People don’t think entirely in words, many of our thoughts are impressions or half-formed mental images and, like a dream, some of them make perfect sense until we try to write them down. Writing them down exposes the flaws in our ideas and forces us to fix them, discard the idea and move on, or save it for later cultivation.

Every time this happens, it reinforces the idea that writing down an idea can be powerful even if it’s just a rough note to help one remember. Today, we’re busier than we’ve ever been before. We’re also inundated with more content, more people and more noise than at any time in history. We all live in an age where technology has progressed to such heights that everything happens in a blink of an eye. So the process of writing something down may now be rendered merely as a way for documentation of an idea but like I said earlier, in some cases writing it down will be the only way you will remember.

And while right now you might feel like going out of your way to do this isn’t worth the effort, that one time you have a great idea conjuring up and you forget it just hours later, I guarantee you won’t feel the same. Writing an idea down is investing in its future.

Composed by:

Saharsh Konnur

Saharsh Konnur
MBA (FT) 2011-13

Saharsh is a member of the Placement Committee.

His interests include playing volleyball, reading novels and solving anagrams.

My Dear Sweet Best Friend

You came into my life
Like a breath of fresh air,
Showed me a little bit of love,
A little bit of care.

Before I realized,
You had made a special place in my life.
You became the one I could turn to,
In the times of joy,
In the times of strife.

You shared your secrets,
You promised your presence.
You didn’t say it,
But it was evident in your care.

You brought me such happiness,
That no other friend had.
You did it selflessly,
Only to make sure that I’m never sad.

Together we had new experiences,
Things I had never done before,
& I can sincerely assure you
Without you, it wouldn’t have been so much fun.

Whenever you need me,
I promise I’ll be there for you.
To chase away your sadness,
To wipe away your tears.

It’s OK if you don’t think of me when happy,
But don’t forget me when you’re sad,
Because I’ll give you so much comfort & happiness,
That even “sadness” will feel sad.

I want to be with you
Right till the end.
Do give me the pleasure
My dear sweet best friend.

Composed by:

Adarbadgar HavewalaMBA (FT) 2012-14

Adarbadgar Havewala
MBA (FT) 2012-14

Innocently mischievous  & quietly outspoken – extreme contrasts merged into one. His interests include watching movies, reading books & playing games.