“Milap 2014 – A perfect fusion of Dance, Drama and DJ”

“Coming together is a beginning,
Keeping together is a progress,

Working together is a success,
& that’s what the world call as a Team.

But, nurturing this togetherness for a lifetime,
Is what we, the BKites believe…!”

So, every year to celebrate this spirit of cohesiveness and harmony, we the BKites organize our special event called “Milap”, wherein the current students from various programs of B.K School Of Business Management, namely Full Time MBA, Port Management as well as Part Time Evening Program joins their hands together to make it a rendezvous to be cherished for a lifetime.

Prabhav,  reciting his Poem on "MILAP"

Prabhav, reciting his Poem on “MILAP”

As the name suggests it works as a perfect ice-breaker to shun our shyness and to interlace our emotional being into an ever flourishing pool of a BKites family. “Milap” is usually organized in the month of January, just after the completion of our end-semester exams. It works as a magical pill to revitalize our souls and lays down a platform to express one’s extra-ordinary talent.

The hazy light, the chilly breeze and the frosty eve had set a flawless environment for this imminent event to begin. “If I cannot fly, let me sing “– on this same note our event was opened by Prabhav Majumdar’s- “Poem Recitation” that very aptly lead to a proper start of “Milap”.

Our Present Director, Dr. Prateek Kanchan and our Former Director, Dr. Sarla Achuthan

Our Present Director, Dr. Prateek Kanchan and our Former Director, Dr. Sarla Achuthan

The event was graced by the presence of our former director Dr. Sarla Achuthan, the present director Dr. Prateek Kanchan and our faculty members.

Juniors singing " Yaroon Dosti Badi hi haseen he...!!"

Juniors singing ” Yaroon Dosti Badi hi haseen he…!!”

Now, it was time for the audience to stop murmuring and to start singing. Nirav Kotak & Varsha Gurnani entertained the audience with their romantic song “ Keh Doon Tumhe Ya Chup Rahun”. Then “Nirav Baghatharia” sang the melodious song in its own musical way.  While the party song “Deewangi Deewangi” enthralled the audience to dance , the Juniors Group Singing also instantly connected with the audience with their “Yaaron, dosti badi hi haseen hai…“ , to value these days of college and friendship.

The smart juniors didn’t left even the controversial social figures to amuse the audience by hitting the sarcasm. “Sachin & group” relished laughter among the crowd with their “Skit” on Aaloknath. It was a hilarious, stomach-aching performance.

Seniors performing " Ramji Ki Chal Dekho..."

Seniors performing ” Ramji Ki Chal Dekho…”

The dance performances by the juniors and the seniors awakened the true dancers with in the audience and set the mood of real party-time. The people were compelled to shake their legs with the dance performance of the “Our Seniors boys “on the Bollywood medley.

Juniors and Seniors moving in Sync

Juniors and Seniors moving in Sync

Shy Girl, Bhavisha, Posing for "Kai Ghatte Nai" Style

Shy Girl, Bhavisha, Posing for “Kai Ghatte Nai” Style

Milap- 2014, also unveiled a new tradition of B.K., by introducing “The Nariyal Awards” to complement the “Our Antique B.K Ratnas.”, like Bhukkhad award, Crying Baby award, Shy Girl award, Drama Queen award, Devilish laughter award and so on. Lastly, we students were addressed by our former Director Dr. Sarla Achuthan and Prof. J.M Bhatt, who acclaimed the students for their efforts and perseverance.

Then came the much awaited moment of the eve, it’s the DJ time, “Char baj gaye lekin party abhi baaki he…”  The most interesting part of the DJ party was our disco dance to the tunes of the garba song.

The "Lords of Last Benches" enjoying performances in their own way

The “Lords of Last Benches” enjoying performances in their own way

“Picture is worth a thousand words”– with the same note students started posing with their dear one’s to lock these golden moments into their transient memory for a life-time. Later, everyone exhausted yet contented with the happiness went ahead for the dinner.

Seniors trying to capture these golden moments

Seniors trying to capture these golden moments

Milap- 2014 very successfully had brought within its purview, a mood of flawless festivities & exciting enjoyments and had turned out to be a magnanimous gala event.  It showcased a perfect synchronization of fun, frolic & talent.

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Nimmy Mathew Alum Com Member M.B.A. (FT) 2013-15

Nimmy Mathew
Alum Com Member
M.B.A. (FT) 2013-15

Nimmy, a member of the Alum Committee of B.K. School of Business Management,  is a simple and fun-loving person. Her hobbies include watching movies, listening music and playing badminton.


La Fiesta de Freshers: Fresher’s Party of M.B.A. (FT) 2013-15 batch

“Enthralling beats and the tapping feet
Mesmerizing eyes and the exhilarating smile,
Exotic moves and the melodious voices
Delicious meal and the revitalizing drinks,
Wafting soul in the aromatic hall…
Whispers my heart, don’t windup this party at night…!!!”

Truly said that, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” But who wants to be dull in this dynamic world? Sparing some time for entertaining one’s own self is all needed to keep one going in this busy life. Again, music and dance has proved to be the best miraculous pills since ages to refresh the mind, body and soul. It drags you to the incessant world of fun and amusement, rejuvenating the lost enthusiasm and gifting the unfading memories. And what better way can there be, than throwing a party to welcome the freshers and to present them this incredible treasure to cherish it for life-time?

Tirth, addressing the juniors

BKites in the Disc

Yeah I am talking about the beautiful faces, funny deeds, and thrilling atmosphere whose mere memories takes my breath away. So, let’s have some flash backs and once again go back to the world of spent moments @ “Fire and Flames”, one of the finest disc in the city…  The party started with an elegant, short speech by the esteemed director of B.K.S.B.M., Dr.Sarla mam. Her presence and motivating words were like an icing on the cake to the party. Then after, I took the charge and set the stage on fire.


Tirth, Addressing the Juniors

The atmosphere was awesome in the disc.  Everybody’s face had sparkle of enthusiasm and fervor to tread on the new path with a new college and new seniors. Their presence revealed not just their want to live but their want to feel the college life. Finally, the great awaited eve began. The nominees for Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher were announced. They all were called upon the stage with their special nick names assigned by the seniors and were asked to perform some hilarious task, matching to one’s persona.  Some of the names were really funky like Kabul express, Miss Comfortable,…And to talk about the tasks, everybody had sportingly participated and performed. But the best among all was Punjabi guy’s Garba and non-stop speech by Shruti.

Juniors on the Ramp

Juniors on the Ramp

Now, it was time for them to get familiar with the BKite’s lifestyle. A short video clip made by Pratin Rathod depicting the “Life @ B.K.” was shown. It had some of the funniest, nostalgic and weird moments, we as freshers had enjoyed at B.K. After this short break, the nominees were coupled in pair of two and were asked to walk on the ramp. The style and attitude quotient was thus judged. The winners were then decided based on our most popular system, “The Democratic Style”, the one who gets the maximum votes from the audience. Competition ended with Mehboob and Shruti , winning the title…

Shruti (Miss Fresher)and Mehboob (Mr.Fresher)...:)

Shruti (Miss Fresher) and Mehboob (Mr.Fresher)

After this hoollahhoo, it was the time to get on the floor. Everyone shook their head and put their hands in the air dancing to the beats of the DJ. The floor was hot with vigor sand enthusiasm. Some great moves were like a treat to the eyes. The mock tails and starter served the purpose of energizing the body. It was ecstasy. At last, dinner was served.

Tirth and Kush rocking the floor

Tirth and Kush rocking the floor

Ultimately, what the party accomplished for us was forming a homogeneous environment which earlier consisted of myriad culture, thus breaking the finite boundaries between the seniors and the juniors, forming the one culture, the B.K. Culture…

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Tirth Anand, cultcom member M.B.A. FT 2012-14 batch

Tirth Anand,
cultcom member
M.B.A. FT 2012-14 batch

A member of the Cultural Committee, he is a fun-loving, cheerfully introvert yet extrovert person and a passionate biker. He loves volleyball, video games, movies, reading novels, sketching and travelling.

Status updated: Finally a Senior…!!! “Orientation session of M.B.A. FT 2013-15 batch”

         Be it a school, college or work- place, only the idea of being a senior is enticing. End-less thoughts keeps on spinning in the mind unless the mystery is resolved. “How will be the juniors?” “When will they come?”?” “What are the duties of being a senior?” “What should be done to solve their queries?”  And on the other side, coming from different colleges, background, places and cultures, the apprehension of adjusting to the new world keeps on drilling in the mind of new comers. Orientation session arranged by us was one such medium to familiarize with each other and to answer those infinite questions.


         With thousands of questions in the mind coupled with excitement of the first day at college, came our juniors for their orientation session, finally transforming us into official seniors… For us, it was more of nostalgia feelings making us recollecting the good old memories when we arrived for the first time in BK, thus giving us a realization that we have this one last year of a college life…


Sarla mam addressing the new batch

Talking about the orientation session, it was initiated by our esteemed faculty members introducing themselves and rendering some facts about the functioning of the college. Students were also asked to introduce themselves as to what educational background they belonged to and their expectation from this MBA course, i.e. the main objective of electing this course. After the formal introduction about the college and faculty came to an end, we “the seniors” (feels amazing to become one…) took over the session.


Seniors briefing about the various committees

A short presentation on various committees functioning in BK was undertaken. After its completion, one message was quite clear to them that whatever work is done by a BKite is “for the student, of the student and by the student”.


Juniors, in search of their partners

After this came the much awaited and fun session. Normally, we all have a tendency to remain in our comfort zone in any new arrangement, Similar was the case here and thus, to make them interact with each other and open up, an interesting game was arranged by us wherein they were required to find their partners and interact with them.

Thus with this, the much awaited day came to an end. On behalf of all, I wish them all the best and advice them to make the most of the time spent at BK because these days are sure not to come back again.

contributed By:                      


Amita Agrawal
M.B.A. (FT) 2012-14

Amita, member of Placement Committee @ B.K. school, is straight forward, extrovert and a happy-go –lucky person. She is interested in reading novels, listening music and playing out-door games.

Renaissance 2013

Finally the days had arrived for which people had been waiting since months… Renaissance 2013, the annual management cum cultural festival held at B.K. School of Business Management in the months of spring.

R13 1

Renaissance 2013-The Brand Stands.

Students & teachers alike were doing their best to prepare for the annual festival, teachers by restraining to give lots of assignments to the students so that they can engage themselves in other activities related to Renaissance’13, and students by putting in lot of hard work to arrange all the events.

Preparatory mode

Brinda and Disha meticulously carving the letters of R’13 that would adorn the walls of B. K. School for next 3 days. 🙂

Rangoli Preparations

It is not only about having steady hands to materialize what one imagines, it’s more about loving what you do.

You could have summarized the amount of hard work that had gone into the preparations by having a glimpse at what people were up to just a day before Renaissance began. There were people making rangoli, putting up decoration materials, painting matkas, making satin ribbon roses, in short giving B.K School a totally new look. Students were very enthusiastic in helping each other and worked until late night, some even slept in the BK garden itself having worked all day!

The tremendous effort put in by the students was visible in all the events that were held in R13 which spanned over three days from 1st to 3rd of March.

Renaissance glitter

All in glitters. 🙂

DAY 1:

The first day started off with the opening ceremony being conducted very beautifully and then blood donation camp was simultaneously going on till 4 in the evening. Students from across the state had come to participate in all the events of Renaissance and the strength was visible in events like Roadiesszz. Participants were made to drink a concoction of all Bournvita, sugar, salt, turmeric powder, chilies and neem’s juice in a base of ice cream!! 😉 Still, people had lots of fun.

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation organized by ‘Aryavrat’ on Day-1 of R’13.

Renaissance ’13 had everything to offer all types of students! People who were computer gaming geeks had games like Counter Strike and NFS to go to, those who were into stock market had Bulls & Bears, and there was Head Hunt for the future HR managers. People who were natural at hairstyling had Style-o-Tress to show their salon skills. Then came the much-awaited event – Talent Hunt & Fashion Show! Students from different colleges and universities had participated in singing and dancing. Previous auditions were held to select the best performances. And truly all the performances, whether it be a song sung by an individual or a group dance or a solo dance, were remarkable. They really touched our hearts, the theme of some of them being ‘respect women’. Right from the costumes, to the expressions, the enthusiasm, the confidence and the overall presentation of all acts was incredible!

Talent Hunt

Students making the grooves.

Then followed the fashion show without which any Fest is incomplete. There was lots of hooting and whistling from the audience during the ramp walk of many show stoppers and the group members! 😉 Also one of the groups had a vampire theme which was very unique. Moreover there were some funny performances too. In all, the night was thoroughly entertaining.

DAY 2:

Quiz competition

War of the Brains.


Simulation of virtual stock market that tested the stock-trading acumen of the participants.

Next day started with the same amount of zeal. This was the day for the geniuses to demonstrate their knowledge through the Quiz competition– Brain Strain, for the artisans to show their handicraft making skills, and for the painters the Yankee Doodles – the face painting competition. And those who were proficient in making their voices heard above all others; we had Shout-Right-Out, the group discussion. Marketroid was for people who can sell any given product in the world! They just need the ability to advertise and appeal to the masses through their innovative promotional strategies. And people did come up with wonderful advertisements!

PAL-The Alumni Meet

Faculties and Alumns occupied their seats on the day of Pal- The Alumni Meet.

In the evening, the girls had adorned traditional attire and boys were in their best outfits suitable to meet the alumni of B.K School of Business Management at PAL. Here the alums played a couple of entertaining games like passing the parcel, and one in which we have to burst the balloons tied to others’ legs and simultaneously protecting our balloon from other people’s feet. It was fun to watch them play these games. Isn’t it a wonderful experience to revive those memories of cherished college days after we have been married and probably have children, to meet our long lost friends? Of course I am sure we would be thrilled to meet our college friends along with our teachers who have shaped up our life while in college. The highlight of the night was the launching of the ‘Aarash’ Magazine, the annual publication of B.K. School.

DAY 3:


We even had games that tests your muscles.

TathyaThe last day of the annual fest started with Tathya in which the students and well-known industrialists had an interactive discussion on burning issues of the industries. In CliX and Kaleidoscope, we had many people bringing out their talents in photography and movie-making. There were lots of beautiful pictures and exceptional movies presented by the students. In the afternoon we had Tug-of-War between teams from across the state! By the end of the competition, the winners and the participants were equally exhausted but it was worth it! In each of the rounds the winning team got free samples of Khushi garlic powder sachets. Winners of all the events were given their certificates by Sarla Ma’am in the closing ceremony.


The last performance by ‘Reserpine’ was all that was needed to close the enjoyable, fun-filled, and memorable days of R13.

In the evening it was time for the flagship program of Renaissance– Sphinx – the RockFest. In this music event, bands from different colleges gave their power packed performances to which everyone swayed and shook. Many acts were superb. People were simply mesmerized by the guitarists’, drummers’ and singers’ collective efforts which were totally in sync.

These 3 days provided us with the tonic that everyone in the MBA program needs, to go through their hectic schedules this fest really refreshed our minds. We spent lots of time together with our friends creating a still stronger bond with them. We also got to socialize with people whom we didn’t know. We simply had a gala time doing masti and cracking jokes.

This event is definitely going to be remembered by each and every BKite and I’m sure it will be cherished even years after we leave this college.

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Rutvi KaneriaMBA (FT) 2012-14

Rutvi Kaneria
MBA (FT) 2012-14

Rutvi is a simple yet frivolous and practical person. She loves reading fiction books, playing computer games, travelling and exploring different places and playing keyboard.

Nostalgia engulfs 1991-’93 batch of B. K. School

Time flies and memories subside,
But the feeling of belonging survives
This magnetizes each heart,
To be together again
Once again at the same magical place,
Place where we made friends,
Place where we encountered facts of life,
Place that made us realize our true potential.
To world it’s just a ‘school’,
To us it’s our own world within a world.

What if we’re able to catch hold of the wheel of time and relive the moments that were just close to ‘perfect’? The notion itself sounds enticing, isn’t it? O’course it does but I think it is a good thing we humans do not control time. Else how could we have lived moments that are kept hidden in the vaults of future! But no matter wherever you are, or whatever you’ve become, there comes a time when you get hit by the tide of nostalgia that forces you to tread down the memory lane- memories of place that bestowed life time friends, better career, unforgettable moments, and sometimes soul mates ;). Such were the memories which the 1991-’93 batch of B. K. School relived on its reunion day, organized 20 years after separation from their Alma Mater.

alumn meet

1993 Batch of B. K. School of Business Management, Ahmedabad

Dressed in black T-shirts with red colored B.K. School logo stitched on it, alums of ’93 batch looked ecstatic and thrilled standing at the place where they walked for the first time 22 years ago. Their smiling face, inquisitive eyes, hasty moves and silly jokes clearly revealed the eternal joy of being back to the Alma Mater after 20 years. Before filling the seminar hall they took time to loiter in and around the campus to notice the changes time has made to the place they saw years back.

It was 11 A.M. when the function started with a brief introductory speech by the Alumni Committee of the School. But soon it turned out to be an informal gathering as the charge was taken over by one of the alums, who started addressing each of his batch-mates in his own mischievous way; resurfacing the sweet memories of the college days. The function was graced by the presence of our director, Dr. Sarla Achuthan, who happened to be the director when ’93 batch graduated. I bet you’ll agree, we all enjoy bestowing super-funky names to our buddies and constantly tease them with those names till they forget their original one. It seemed that it is not a new thing ;). Alums of ’93 batch still called each other with the nickname they were given 20 years ago.

After a quick introduction, the alums shared with us some memories that they treasured the most. Every person present there had a different story to tell. Some had become CEOs of well know organizations, some had become entrepreneurs while some were in the making, and rest were content with not-the-top-but-the-best position in the companies they worked for. I wondered what could have made them climb the ladder of success. Was it the bookish knowledge or the real life experiences they had after leaving college? Maybe it’s the right proportion of all of it but the most important thing that could have made difference in their life must have been the constant guidance of their mentors, and support of their family and friends.

Later, the professors also briefed us with their journey and I was amazed by their memory power because even after these many years they remembered most of their students either for their notoriety or for their sincerity. But if they were fun loving people they also had imbibed the quality of perseverance and endurance. In fact, one of their visiting faculties from IIM-A also praised the commitment which those students possessed and shared his experience at B.K. School. Then it was time for the present batches to interact with the alums. We bombarded them with all sort of questions, some were silly and rest were serious ones :D. It seemed that we were trying to get answers of all the unanswerable questions at an early age. Even the professors didn’t miss the chance to question their old students.

Even after the function I found many alums loitering in the campus as if they were trying to communicate with all the inanimate objects and asking them “Hey! Do you remember me?”, “Have you ever seen a guy a like me?” It was a great day for all of us and I wish that all the students from my batch too remember each other and stay connected over years after we leave this place; this place that we call ‘Alma Mater’.

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Brinda KhanparaMBA (FT) 2012-14

Brinda Khanpara
MBA (FT) 2012-14

“A blend of reservedness and vibrancy reflects her true self”. Her interest includes reading novels, watching movies, and making cartoons.

BKites go Gangnam Style: Milap 2013

We humans are blessed with umpteen numbers of qualities and characteristics that shape our existence on this planet. One such quality is being able to weave memories from the time we breathe human life till we escape the cage of flesh and blood. Some memories are worth cherishing and some are worth deleting from our mind space as if they never happened. Diving into the pensive of such memories I recollect the time when we were subjected to the emotionally-strained-first-day in school. We meet new faces who come from different families, different classes of societies, and who are in real sense totally different in almost all parameters. But we were always (and we still are, I think ;)) lucky to find someone who would be as anxious and eager as us to make friends. And standing here in a Post Graduate School I hardly find if anything has changed since then. Of course the degree of anxiousness is a bit toned down for many of us.

Milap 2013Aimed at giving each BKite a reason to step ahead and help break the ice between the fellow students and their seniors, Cultcom at B.K. School hosts Milap, an evening filled with fun and frolic activities. Dictionary defines Milap as “Embracement”, but BKites have their own way of chiseling a definition for it.

UntitledOrganized every year by the Cultural Committee, Milap is an informal get-together that gives every BKite a chance to create strong bonds with the students from same or different batches. But thanks to the 2013 Gujarat Elections and university exams, Milap was postponed and during the course of time the bond was already created ;).

Rita Parmar

Rita Parmar

But Milap did happen. It’s really fun when you see all your buddies so enthralled and busy in arrangements: some busy in distributing the food-coupons to keep the party crashers at bay, some putting their mind gears into motion to decide what activities to be organized, some busy in decorating the college walls, and some busy donning the best of the attires :D. It really feels rejuvenating when one indulges in activities which are a good change from the mundane classroom schedule. Well, all this is in fact the ‘essence of college life’, isn’t it?

Honestly, it’s really difficult to put into words how beautifully the place was decorated and all arrangements made in such a short span of time and that too with limited resources. Dr. Sarla m’am was present to grace the event and it was then the chain of super-cool and engaging activities began. The evening was flagged off at 7:30 pm by enchanting the Ganesh Vandana.

It was Rita who kick started the event by giving a “Fantabulously Fantastic” performance in complete ‘Desi Girl’ attire. Her performance added a thrill to the already pumped up atmosphere and the audience was left gaping with a single question “whats more in store.”

Performing 'Jee le zara'

Mohnish Shah performing ‘Jee le zara’

Nirav performing his own version of slow motion dance.

Nirav performing his own version of slow motion dance.

The above pictures are not simply juxtaposed for nothing. They both put on an equally engaging performance. Mohnish lend his voice to the tune of “ Jee le zara…” even I was into him at that point of time, and I’m sure everybody does agree with me as he really rocked the floor. The solo performance by Nirav was amazing too.

Nirav, Avinash and Hardik making the coordinated moves.

Nirav, Avinash and Hardik grooving in sync.

But Nirav and group’s performance was just bull’s eye. It’s really difficult to move your body on difficult beats and that too in coordinated rhythm, while everybody in the audience did… OMG :D.

Kush Sunderia

Kush Sunderia

Well not being biased only with dance, we had another vocal performance by Neeraj and Prateek, which I’m sure thrilled everybody. The most awaited performance was of Kush, who is the Prabhudeva of B.K School. I need not say much as the click describes everything. The only comment for him is ‘Mind-blowing boss’ ;). And then the event went on further with a breath taking performance by the ’emotional aatyachar gang’, followed by Antakshari, wherein all the team members were busy in calculating the other team’s points, but still it was a real fun.

The 'Emotional Atyachar Gang'. It can get more dramatic than this.

The ‘Emotional Atyachar Gang’. It can get more dramatic than this :P.

It is said that dancing in itself is the best medicine for tired mind and soul, but to me nobody seemed tired. In fact everyone was charged up out there. By now everybody in the audience had taken the center stage and were all up and dancing in merry circles to the tunes lend by the DJ. You can very well make out from the clicks below.

GroovingGroovingAt last we all headed towards the food court for dinner, which was the most awaited part of the evening, esp for the hostel-ites ;). Of course! Until how long can one resist the temptation of savoring the delectable ‘Gulab Jamuns?’ All my friends had already thronged the stalls. It was not until 10:30pm when we all parted making the evening a beautiful part of our memory that would stay with us till time eternity.

P:S: Kudos to the Cultcom (2014) that organized the entire event flawlessly. Well ‘Milap’ was limited till this stage only, but the fun still continues among all BKites.

Contributed by:

Ankita BhatMBA (FT) 2012-14

Ankita Bhat
MBA (FT) 2012-14

Ankita, member of the Placement Committee at B.K School, is a fun loving, authentic and an optimistic person. Her interests include reading books, watching movies, sketching & painting.

Prarambh-2012 reviewed

“Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” -William Shakespeare

I’m sure that everyone of us have embarked on this life’s journey with some or the other goals that remain the guiding force for the entire time we breath human life. And as a member of the Cultural Committee at B.K School of Business Management , I strongly believe that our goal is not just to preserve the School’s legacy but also to continue to embellish it. But you can never achieve your goals in complete isolation. You need people to help you, to support you, on whom you can rely upon, and who can encourage you for your endeavors. I feel that the strength of B. K. School depends on the strong will of its students to strive harder and to make a vital difference in projecting B. K. School as one of the best business schools in the country. Nothing can be more important for the success of an event than the support and participation from a bunch of hardworking and zealous participants.

Elimination round of “Chakravyuh” in progress

PRARAMBH – 2012, a management event organized by the Cultural Committee (Cultcom) at B. K. School aims to bring out the best talent of BKites in terms of clarity of concepts, analytical power, communication skills, personality and presentation skills- the pre-requisites for a good manager. The event was entirely conducted by the Cultcom members from MBA-FT-2012-14 and was held on 18th and 19th of this month at B. K School campus. This year PRARAMBH had two competitions under its wings. One was “Saudagar”, a business plan competition, and the other “Chakravyuh”, a business quiz, organized on 18th and 19th of October, respectively. Like any team event would involve, the competitions of PRARAMBH were finalized after intense brainstorming and sometimes, hot discussions among the committee members. Let me narrate to you how PRARAMBH materialized from just few molecules and atoms of ideas. 2 months into this committee, the six-member junior Cultcom team has already passed the ‘forming‘, ‘storming’, and ‘norming‘ stages of Tuckman’s stages of team development and have by now entered ‘performing‘ stage. On 8th of October the committee members decided to organize PRARAMBH and came up with detailed plan of few competitions that we considered good enough for the event.

One of the team presenting their b-plan

On subsequent meetings among ourselves and guidance from Senior Cultcom members we zeroed in on two competitions. The main aim of “Saudagar” was to provide a platform to an individual to exhibit their entrepreneurial talents. Whereas the aim of “Chakravyuh” was to let  students to work out their brains, shudder their memory and sharpen their senses to embrace oneself in spirit of quizzing. After putting the competition’s operational aspects in place, the next big challenge was to communicate details about the event to the students. For this we designed a poster with a catchy theme and also circulated a mail to the entire full-time MBA batches of B. K. School. We still had a long way to go. We needed to design a question paper for preliminary eliminations for the quiz, prepare content for the final round of quiz, arrange for judges for “Saudagar” and the list goes on and on.

Mrudal Modi and Maulik Shah, from 2010-12 batch

After closing the applications acceptance, we had 27 registrations for the quiz and 5 groups for the B-plan. By the end of the elimination round of quiz, we had 15 participants who qualified to the final round of the competition. The winners of “Chakravyuh” were Sunil (2012-14), Rahul (2011-13) & Arun (2011-13) . Priyank Bothra, one of the participant says “The B-quiz organized at Prarambh-2012 was rich in quality questions. I have participated in many quizzes in Gujarat and this quiz was one of the best amongst all that I have participated in!” To judge the b-plan competition, we invited our alumni, Mrudal Modi & Maulik Shah from batch of 2012 . We are really grateful to them for sparing time from their busy schedule and help us make the event a success. All the 5 teams presented their business ideas with great zest and zeal, and answered each and every question asked by judges to best possible extent. Team, that comprised of Prabhav, Ankita, Gaurang, Tirth & Devashish from 2014 batch, with the company name “Saras Wedding Planner” secured first position in  “Saudagar”.

Dr. Sarla Achuthan, Director of B. K. School, graced the event with her presence at the close of the event. She presented the prizes to the winners and commended our efforts by exclaiming “a great show!” It really boosted our morale. We specially thank all the Cultcom members and the seniors who did a marvelous job in reliving the concept of  PRARAMBH. Most importantly, kudos to all the winners and participants…

Contributed by:

Sanil Shah

The author is a member of Cultural Committee at B.K. School. His interest includes playing chess, computer games and writing drama scripts.