“It’s over for me now…!!”

It’s over for me now…
The time has passed away…
My heart is safe now without any pain…
The sun is rising again…
Hope is filling in…
Yeah..!! Did some pretty dumb things…
But it’s over for me now…

No more silly choices…
Must be careful now…
This world is pretty ruthless…
Don’t let your guard down…
But my friends with me, they are here…
Saving me from what I fear…

It’s over for me now…
The time has passed away…
My heart is safe now without any pain…
The sun is rising again…
Hope is filling in…
Yeah..!! Did some pretty dumb things…
But it’s over for me now…

Now I am being bolder, now I am strong…
But my heart knows it’s all wrong…
The truth within me lies hidden, in this act of pretending…
But I have to do this, no more running…
Have to face my demons, have to face my fears…
Just to see the world, and to see who cares…

It’s over for me now…
The time has passed away…
My heart is safe now without any pain…
The sun is rising again…
Hope is filling in…
Yeah..!! Did some pretty dumb things…
But it’s over for me now…


Rachna Rajan Cultcom Member M.B.A. (FT) 2013-15 batch

Rachna Rajan
Cultcom Member
M.B.A. (FT) 2013-15 batch

Present cultural committee member, I am extrovert and tom-boy kind of a girl. I love to travel places and meet new people yet keeping my loved ones close. My hobbies are dancing, reading, painting, writing and watching movies…!!





Writing it down

Have you ever had an idea that you knew was good, but forgot about it later in the day? Or an email you wanted to send, or a call you wanted to make and it just slipped out of your mind? It’s happened to me, and I’m willing to bet it’s happened to you too. But, as they say, difficult problems have simpler solutions to them. And this one is no exception. What we can do is to just write things down!

Writing it down!

Writing it down!

There are a couple of things that writing your ideas down allows (or rather forces) you to do. First of all, it can get a persistent thought out of our head without destroying it entirely. Writing the thoughts down, helps collect them into a cohesive whole. Doing this, I find, frees up mental real estate for more ideas. There is an old Chinese saying, which says that ‘to learn more, first empty your cup.’ Similarly for a new idea to manifest the old one has to be removed from the mind. Too much of a cluttered mind, only entangles the ideas together, leaving no space for comprehending any of them at the end!

The second reason to write ideas down is, that doing so forces us to articulate them. People don’t think entirely in words, many of our thoughts are impressions or half-formed mental images and, like a dream, some of them make perfect sense until we try to write them down. Writing them down exposes the flaws in our ideas and forces us to fix them, discard the idea and move on, or save it for later cultivation.

Every time this happens, it reinforces the idea that writing down an idea can be powerful even if it’s just a rough note to help one remember. Today, we’re busier than we’ve ever been before. We’re also inundated with more content, more people and more noise than at any time in history. We all live in an age where technology has progressed to such heights that everything happens in a blink of an eye. So the process of writing something down may now be rendered merely as a way for documentation of an idea but like I said earlier, in some cases writing it down will be the only way you will remember.

And while right now you might feel like going out of your way to do this isn’t worth the effort, that one time you have a great idea conjuring up and you forget it just hours later, I guarantee you won’t feel the same. Writing an idea down is investing in its future.

Composed by:

Saharsh Konnur

Saharsh Konnur
MBA (FT) 2011-13

Saharsh is a member of the Placement Committee.

His interests include playing volleyball, reading novels and solving anagrams.

My Dear Sweet Best Friend

You came into my life
Like a breath of fresh air,
Showed me a little bit of love,
A little bit of care.

Before I realized,
You had made a special place in my life.
You became the one I could turn to,
In the times of joy,
In the times of strife.

You shared your secrets,
You promised your presence.
You didn’t say it,
But it was evident in your care.

You brought me such happiness,
That no other friend had.
You did it selflessly,
Only to make sure that I’m never sad.

Together we had new experiences,
Things I had never done before,
& I can sincerely assure you
Without you, it wouldn’t have been so much fun.

Whenever you need me,
I promise I’ll be there for you.
To chase away your sadness,
To wipe away your tears.

It’s OK if you don’t think of me when happy,
But don’t forget me when you’re sad,
Because I’ll give you so much comfort & happiness,
That even “sadness” will feel sad.

I want to be with you
Right till the end.
Do give me the pleasure
My dear sweet best friend.

Composed by:

Adarbadgar HavewalaMBA (FT) 2012-14

Adarbadgar Havewala
MBA (FT) 2012-14

Innocently mischievous  & quietly outspoken – extreme contrasts merged into one. His interests include watching movies, reading books & playing games.

For me…

Cloistered from the world,
Accompanied by the dreams
Started looking for the one
That was made for me…

Enchanted by his grace,
Captivated in his wits
Thought for a while
Was the one for me…

Soon, pinched by the soul,
Tantalized by the beat
Retorted the heart
‘Love’ was waiting for me…

Came after a while,
But, Bestowed serenity to life
Then, whispered the divine
He was the one heaven made for me…

Composed by:

Brinda KhanparaMBA (FT) 2012-14

Brinda Khanpara
MBA (FT) 2012-14

“A blend of reservedness and vibrancy reflects her true self”. Her interest includes reading novels, watching movies, and making cartoons.

I wonder…

I saw her, Her honey-colored eyes
So deep, in them I die to dive,
Her lotus petal-lips,
So soft! To feel them I vie,
My mind ensnared in her dark locks.
Is this love? I wonder…

The Mind races on frenzied fantasy!
The heart throbs- in her it seeks
The promise of eternal pleasure,
Of Boundless Joy & Love beyond measure;
This ‘fall in Love – unfathomable’,
Am I crazy? I wonder…

About a hope so distant yet so close;
Craziness knows no sense
It knows only its whims and joys;
It is a Crazy world out there,
And a crazier one now in here!
Is it an Enchantress at work? I Wonder…

Ah! My world is lost in her words;
Her soft whispers pierce my heart;
Just a thought-refreshes
Just a glimpse-intoxicates;
In her Laughter, my being celebrates.
Is she human or Divine?
I wonder…

Composed by:

Prabhav Majmundar
MBA (FT) 2012-14

Prabhav is a fun-loving, quirky and cheerful Harry Potter-fan who likes reading, enjoys Carnatic music and loves Meditation.