La Fiesta de Freshers: Fresher’s Party of M.B.A. (FT) 2013-15 batch

“Enthralling beats and the tapping feet
Mesmerizing eyes and the exhilarating smile,
Exotic moves and the melodious voices
Delicious meal and the revitalizing drinks,
Wafting soul in the aromatic hall…
Whispers my heart, don’t windup this party at night…!!!”

Truly said that, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” But who wants to be dull in this dynamic world? Sparing some time for entertaining one’s own self is all needed to keep one going in this busy life. Again, music and dance has proved to be the best miraculous pills since ages to refresh the mind, body and soul. It drags you to the incessant world of fun and amusement, rejuvenating the lost enthusiasm and gifting the unfading memories. And what better way can there be, than throwing a party to welcome the freshers and to present them this incredible treasure to cherish it for life-time?

Tirth, addressing the juniors

BKites in the Disc

Yeah I am talking about the beautiful faces, funny deeds, and thrilling atmosphere whose mere memories takes my breath away. So, let’s have some flash backs and once again go back to the world of spent moments @ “Fire and Flames”, one of the finest disc in the city…  The party started with an elegant, short speech by the esteemed director of B.K.S.B.M., Dr.Sarla mam. Her presence and motivating words were like an icing on the cake to the party. Then after, I took the charge and set the stage on fire.


Tirth, Addressing the Juniors

The atmosphere was awesome in the disc.  Everybody’s face had sparkle of enthusiasm and fervor to tread on the new path with a new college and new seniors. Their presence revealed not just their want to live but their want to feel the college life. Finally, the great awaited eve began. The nominees for Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher were announced. They all were called upon the stage with their special nick names assigned by the seniors and were asked to perform some hilarious task, matching to one’s persona.  Some of the names were really funky like Kabul express, Miss Comfortable,…And to talk about the tasks, everybody had sportingly participated and performed. But the best among all was Punjabi guy’s Garba and non-stop speech by Shruti.

Juniors on the Ramp

Juniors on the Ramp

Now, it was time for them to get familiar with the BKite’s lifestyle. A short video clip made by Pratin Rathod depicting the “Life @ B.K.” was shown. It had some of the funniest, nostalgic and weird moments, we as freshers had enjoyed at B.K. After this short break, the nominees were coupled in pair of two and were asked to walk on the ramp. The style and attitude quotient was thus judged. The winners were then decided based on our most popular system, “The Democratic Style”, the one who gets the maximum votes from the audience. Competition ended with Mehboob and Shruti , winning the title…

Shruti (Miss Fresher)and Mehboob (Mr.Fresher)...:)

Shruti (Miss Fresher) and Mehboob (Mr.Fresher)

After this hoollahhoo, it was the time to get on the floor. Everyone shook their head and put their hands in the air dancing to the beats of the DJ. The floor was hot with vigor sand enthusiasm. Some great moves were like a treat to the eyes. The mock tails and starter served the purpose of energizing the body. It was ecstasy. At last, dinner was served.

Tirth and Kush rocking the floor

Tirth and Kush rocking the floor

Ultimately, what the party accomplished for us was forming a homogeneous environment which earlier consisted of myriad culture, thus breaking the finite boundaries between the seniors and the juniors, forming the one culture, the B.K. Culture…

Contributed by:

Tirth Anand, cultcom member M.B.A. FT 2012-14 batch

Tirth Anand,
cultcom member
M.B.A. FT 2012-14 batch

A member of the Cultural Committee, he is a fun-loving, cheerfully introvert yet extrovert person and a passionate biker. He loves volleyball, video games, movies, reading novels, sketching and travelling.


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