Status updated: Finally a Senior…!!! “Orientation session of M.B.A. FT 2013-15 batch”

         Be it a school, college or work- place, only the idea of being a senior is enticing. End-less thoughts keeps on spinning in the mind unless the mystery is resolved. “How will be the juniors?” “When will they come?”?” “What are the duties of being a senior?” “What should be done to solve their queries?”  And on the other side, coming from different colleges, background, places and cultures, the apprehension of adjusting to the new world keeps on drilling in the mind of new comers. Orientation session arranged by us was one such medium to familiarize with each other and to answer those infinite questions.


         With thousands of questions in the mind coupled with excitement of the first day at college, came our juniors for their orientation session, finally transforming us into official seniors… For us, it was more of nostalgia feelings making us recollecting the good old memories when we arrived for the first time in BK, thus giving us a realization that we have this one last year of a college life…


Sarla mam addressing the new batch

Talking about the orientation session, it was initiated by our esteemed faculty members introducing themselves and rendering some facts about the functioning of the college. Students were also asked to introduce themselves as to what educational background they belonged to and their expectation from this MBA course, i.e. the main objective of electing this course. After the formal introduction about the college and faculty came to an end, we “the seniors” (feels amazing to become one…) took over the session.


Seniors briefing about the various committees

A short presentation on various committees functioning in BK was undertaken. After its completion, one message was quite clear to them that whatever work is done by a BKite is “for the student, of the student and by the student”.


Juniors, in search of their partners

After this came the much awaited and fun session. Normally, we all have a tendency to remain in our comfort zone in any new arrangement, Similar was the case here and thus, to make them interact with each other and open up, an interesting game was arranged by us wherein they were required to find their partners and interact with them.

Thus with this, the much awaited day came to an end. On behalf of all, I wish them all the best and advice them to make the most of the time spent at BK because these days are sure not to come back again.

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Amita Agrawal
M.B.A. (FT) 2012-14

Amita, member of Placement Committee @ B.K. school, is straight forward, extrovert and a happy-go –lucky person. She is interested in reading novels, listening music and playing out-door games.


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